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Your YEP To Freedom Cohosts:

Jimmy Ezzell

I realized recently that I am incredibly blessed that my 20+ years of experience gave me everything I needed to not only survive all the obstacles 2020 has created for so many of us, but to OVERCOME. Not only have I been able to see month after month growth in my own businesses, I’ve helped many other Entrepreneurs do the same. Now it's YOUR turn!

Ali Mehdaoui

The last 13 years of my journey with personal development healed some wounds and that will be a life’s worth process, but I accomplished things before the age of 30 that most chase for a lifetime and never make it. When people think of success, they automatically assume money or materialistic things, but it is truly to accomplish whatever YOU aimed for, however big or small of a goal that is up to you. I’ve identified that I was created to serve others, to sacrifice my time and resources for bigger things, not necessarily for me but for other people who might not have the skills or talents to be, have or do what God has blessed me with. So, let’s make a pact; let us never again chase after what other “successful” people have but for what we aim to achieve for ourselves; to be purpose driven rather than money hungry.

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Day 1: Benefits of a Laptop Lifestyle

How would your life change if you could work anywhere in the world, on YOUR terms? During DAY 1 you'll learn the tricks to controlling your schedule and creating habits to lay the foundation for your life of freedom.

Day 2: Requirements of an Entrepreneur

Discover the shocking secret of exactly how much time, energy, and money is actually needed to create a profitable business (you'll be surprised how many tools are available to give you an unfair advantage over your competition).

Day 3: Journey to Freedom

In under an hour you will see your mindset start to shift from the blueprint that will reprogram your way of thinking to take you from struggling business owner or under appreciated employee to a thriving business owner.

Day 4: Marketing Secrets

Learn the closely guarded strategy of implementing incentive based marketing to up your social media marketing efforts and stand apart from your competitors. We'll even show you the secret to doing so with no out of pocket expense!

Day 5: Define Your Perfect Client

Attract more leads and close more sales by using this simple formula to identify your ideal customer and how to target them; become the Hunted instead of the Hunter.

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Bonus #1: Facebook Mastery Class

This class pulls back the curtain walking you through how to find your ideal client, generate leads, nurture new relationships, all to convert more sales.

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Bonus #2: 8 Day/7 Night Dream Vacation Certificate

Not only are we giving you this vacation offer, which is valid for 18 months, we're going to teach you how to use travel incentives to 10X your business.

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Bonus #3: Live Video Strategies

Going Live is the quickest way to not only build you up as the expert, but to get people to know, like, and trust you. And what when your audience knows, likes, they BUY from YOU! This training will help you understand and optimize LIVE Video Marketing.

$97 Value

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Bonus #4: Guide To Setting Income Goals and Consistency

 Get our proven guide on how to set actionable goals that push you closer to your version of success. We'll show you how to Set Income Goals and Develop Consistent Habits to Achieve BIG BREAKTHROUGHS.

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Bonus #5: Win prizes everyday of the challenge

From VIP Business Coaching, to Gift Cards or iPad, when you upgrade, everyday you tune in LIVE to our Challenge Sessions, you will have a chance to win a bonus prize. 

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How To Leverage Social Media To Launch Your Business

We'll Give You Access To Our Launch Formula to Leverage Social Media. 

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Your 5 Day Challenge Master Coaches

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington, Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark on “Shark Tank” and “As Seen on TV” is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. 
With over 500 products launched and over 4 billion dollars in retail sales, Kevin Harrington has been a phenomenally successful business maverick for over 30 years! Best of all, he knows how to effectively communicate the key lessons he has learned along the way. 
From Branding (personal as well as product), Sales and Marketing to Entrepreneurship, Kevin Harrington has the experience and the know-how to deliver powerful keynotes, in such a fun and inspiring way that audiences leave feeling more confident and motivated to tackle every challenge in their personal and professional lives.

James Malinchak

 Do not miss this rare opportunity to spend time learning
from one of “America’s Most Requested, In
Demand, Business and Motivational Keynote Speakers and Highest Paid Marketing Consultants. 
From a small Pennsylvania steel
mill town to Self-Made Millionaire Entrepreneur featured on ABCs Hit TV Show,
“Secret Millionaire, James Malinchak is a true American Success Story.
James is the “behind the scenes” go
to marketing consultant for many big name speakers,
authors, trainers, coaches, celebrities and sports coaches. Now, he’ll be sharing his strategies for how you can accelerate your own wealth attraction!

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier is a money expert, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author of five books. Her goal: to change the conversation people have about money worldwide and empower people to become millionaires.
The CEO and Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc. – a multinational organization — Loral relentlessly and candidly shares her best advice without hesitation or apology. What sets her apart from other wealth experts is her innate ability to recognize and acknowledge the skills & talents of people, inspiring them to generate wealth. She has created, nurtured, and perfected a 3-5 year strategy to make millions for the “Average Jill and Joe.” To date, she and her team have served thousands of individuals worldwide and created hundreds of millionaires through wealth-building education keynotes, workshops, products, events, programs, and coaching services.

Steve Mandell

Steve Mandell is the CEO of Gameplan Enterprises. As an entertainment attorney, entrepreneur and brand and marketing expert, Steve has more than thirty years of experience in negotiating top tier national and international agreements in sports, media, business, licensing and brand development. He has structured deals with numerous professional sports teams, media networks, multi-channel and publishing companies. As an expert in licensing and brand and product development, Steve speaks at various entrepreneur conferences and at pitch and investor events that have also included major entertainment and sports celebrities. Steve has procured and negotiated several television shows and has a full service digital design firm and Podcast Network.

Gina Eason

​Gina Eason is a motivational speaker encouraging professionals to move past mental blocks to reach peak performance in life and business.

Ivan Alvarez

Ivan has been an Entrepreneur for almost 32 years. A business coach for the last 12 years and has been working full-time from home now for the last 11 years.

Debi Salmons

Debi retired at the age of 45 as a Serial Entrepreneur. She has owned  both traditional and non-traditional businesses, and has helped coach and mentor individuals to have massive breakthroughs.  

Dr. Katrina Ferguson

​Dr. Katrina Ferguson delivers a passionate, enthusiastic
and entertaining message to both teach and encourage
you to celebrate your individuality and breakthrough to become your ‘greater self.’

Debbie Morton

Debbie Morton has coached and mentored thousands of home based business owners in lead generation and closing sales.

Adora Evans

Adora has been nicknamed “The Celebrity Connector” for her skills in creating high level strategic alliances, working on red carpets, and helping entrepreneurs connect to and serve more of their ideal clients.

Alicia Lyttle

​Alicia Lyttle is a highly sought after speaker and coach, most known for helping people to start their online business. She has trained thousands of people across the globe and has a 20-year track record of experience as an online entrepreneur.

Christina Perry

Christina is a global entrepreneur, international trainer, best-selling co-author and motivational success coach. She has over 18 years experience in direct sales and marketing.

Kristin Leigh

Kristen Leigh aka Super K is a wife and mom of 2. As a marketing super star, she has coached tens of thousands of entrepreneurs on how to discover their purpose, passion and their superpower!

Dr. Stan "Breakthrough"

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough is a best-selling Author, Master Coach, and the World's 1st Breakthrough Speaker/facilitator. He has been voted into both the Black belt and Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame.  He loves empowering others to experience Breakthrough's.

Chef Katrina

​Chef Katrina has helped over 1000 business owners create residual income as a Personal Branding Expert.  She's one of the world's foremost Pinterest experts. 

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